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Body Mass Index Electronic Smart Weighing Scales

$60.00 $75.00
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 This scale can store up to 10 Family Members  with 13 body indexes.                  



 Total body fat rate measurement        

 *Skeletal Muscle Rate measurement      

 *Body mass index (MBI) measurement      

 *muscle measurement   

 *moisture measurement   

 *subcutaneous fat measurement   

 *visceral fat measurement   

 *protein measurement   

 *calorie measurement   

 *bone mass measurement   

 *body type measurement   

 *normal weight measurement   

 *weight without fat measurement   

 * body weight measurement     

 *Tempered Glass Platform: 290mm*260mm*21mm  

 *Screen size: 67mm*29mm  

 *Display: LCD display  

 * High Precision Strain Guage Sensor Technology      

 *ABS grade plastic materia      

 *Capacity: 0.2-180kg  

 *Graduation: 0.1kg      

 *Minimum Weight measurement:0.2kg     

 *Number of User:10  

 *bathroom products  

 *Low battery/Overload indicators      

 *Power Supply: 2 AAA batteries (   not included)        

BMI is fat judgment standard

The same weight of the fat can be 3 times the size of the muscle, irregular diet can cause too much body fat, the more BMI, the more seem fat.

How can know if my BMI is up to standard?

Internationally, BMI is a common physical index of the standard measure of body fat, According to the formula you can easily your BMI index, thus to understand the body fat rate, targeted health activities.

With a smart LCD large screen

all data is displayed in english. Can read data clearly

Touch control buttons

Fashion. Convenience

Flimsy body to be perfect

Balance between firmness and lightness after rigorous

calculation. Just like a coin but with stability and firmness.

High quality tempered glass panel. Ensure safety and reliability.



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