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4-Tier Multifunctional Ladder Shelf

$60.00 $70.00
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1. Multi style storage: the structure is 4-layer design, can be placed in a variety of places, can store a variety of items, such as bathroom, living room, balcony, kitchen, etc. It includes toiletries, towels, sundries, decorations, accessories, shoes, books, plants, spices and household appliances.
2. Fine workmanship: the product is made of 100% natural bamboo, durable and without burr. The surface is natural and smooth to avoid scratches
3. Safety considerations: the rack is equipped with anti overturning device belt to prevent the shelf from toppling
4. Convenient disassembly: simple installation steps, complete accessories and detailed instructions

1. Pure bamboo and exquisite craftsmanship, healthy and environmental friendly
2. Compact design takes no space
3. The assembly is simple and detailed
4. It can store objects in various formats to meet various storage requirements

1. Material: Bamboo
2. Color: Dark brown
3. Tiers: Four
4. Overall Size: (18.9 x 12.6 x 45.3)" / (48 x 32 x 115)cm(L x W x H)
5. Wight: 9.3lbs /4.2kg




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