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Cozylife Alexa-enabled Smart WiFi Bulb Lamp: Intelligent Voice Control, RGBCW Color Options, 9W Power, Wide Beam Angle, Timing, Music Rhythm - Enhance Your Space



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Introducing the Cozylife Smart Bulb: Full Power, Intelligent Control, and Colorful Lighting in Your Hands.

The Cozylife Smart Bulb is designed to enhance your lighting experience with convenient and intelligent features. With the Cozylife APP, available for Android and iOS, you can easily control your smart bulb using voice commands, set up timing schedules, control multiple bulbs as a group, and enjoy a wide range of colorful lighting options.

Choose from two main lighting color temperatures: 6500K for a cool daylight ambiance or 2700K for a warm and cozy atmosphere. Additionally, the color light feature offers a variety of options such as red (1000K), green (6200K), and blue (100000K), allowing you to personalize your space with vibrant and captivating hues.

The Cozylife Smart Bulb is built to withstand voltage up to 3000V and offers lightning protection above 1500V, ensuring a safe and reliable lighting solution for your home or office.

Key Features:

  • Full power capability
  • Intelligent control through the Cozylife APP
  • Model: A19
  • Order number: xld0019
  • Item number: 0019
  • Input voltage: 85-265V
  • Luminous flux: 850lm (9W, 60mm diameter) or 1000lm (10W, 70mm diameter)
  • Wide beam angle of 170 degrees
  • High color rendering index of 80-90
  • Dimmable functionality
  • Durable lamp body made of plastic-clad aluminum
  • Lampshade material: PC
  • Compact dimensions of 60mm diameter and 113mm height
  • Lightweight design weighing only 63g
  • IP65 protection class for resistance against dust and water
  • Energy Efficiency Level: Level 1

Available Color Temperature Options:

  • Cozylife scheme RGBCW B22
  • Cozylife scheme RGBCW E26
  • Cozylife scheme RGBCW E27
  • Cozylife scheme Cold and warm two-color B22
  • Cozylife scheme Cold and warm two-color E27
  • Cozylife scheme Cold and warm two-color E26

The Cozylife Smart Bulb is equipped with LED lamp beads from the trusted brand National Star, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance. It is suitable for a variety of applications, particularly in architectural settings.

Choose from different lamp holder specifications including B22, E26, and E27 to seamlessly integrate the smart bulb into your existing lighting fixtures.

With a lifespan of 40,000 hours and a minimum package size of 6x6x11.4cm, the Cozylife Smart Bulb offers durability and convenience.

Experience the ultimate convenience with voice control through the included remote control, and enjoy the easy plug-and-play power supply through a standard socket.

Transform your space with the Cozylife Smart Bulb, bringing intelligence, vibrant colors, and effortless control to your lighting setup.

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