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Mini O3 Ozone generator Air Purifier Home Office or Family

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 scent terminator: O3  - Small ozone generator can generate O 3 through internal ozone generating components. Ozone has a strong oxidative decomposition ability, which can quickly and thoroughly eliminate the odor in the air. This air purifier can output 2mg / h of ozone to the air, effectively remove the smell of 6 cubic meters of space .Useful for small spacesuitable for shoe cabinets, refrigerators,cars, pet rooms, toilets. It can also be used to remove formaldehyde from new home

Ultra quiet and low consumption: It has a special ultra-quiet design that is professionally tested ( Noise Level: ≤35dB ), which can create a comfortable and quiet indoor environment to help you enjoy a high-quality sleep. Low energy consumption will save on your cost rather than excessive power consumption.

 Powerful compact and long standby ]- The Air Purifier is only 15 cm in diameter and is very compact and easy to carry. It can be carried in a pocket or backpack. It can work for 7 days after charging with its 600mAh Batteries Lithion, release fresh air 6m³/h. It's effective to create a safer and cleaner air environment.


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